The first batteries designed for the circular economy



C2C Product Design Award, Best Overall Project


V O L T A    B E T T E R    B A T T E R I E S

The first in a series of objects for the circular economy. Uncompromisingly sustainable, these batteries are made with non-toxic, recycled materials, can be recharged with salt and vinegar, remanufactured, composted, and recycled.


M A T E R I A L    S E L E C T I O N

Each material was carefully selected based on performance, durability, and sustainability attributes, earning the highest material reutilization score. A redox reaction provides the electric current.


L E S S    B U T    B E T T E R

Volta's unique pill-form, affordances, and signifiers makes it easy to remove from battery compartments, differentiate terminals, and disassemble.